It's time to pivot. To change directions and head off to parts unknown. While I will continue to talk about my grief process, I will also be talking about books I have or will be writing. After Bearing... Read more
Newborn mewling
Toddler's swaying walk
Defiant growth and separation
Sprouting limbs and rambunctious playing
Lazy sleep-ins, seismic moods and glares
Quick temper, thick foggy... Read more
It is now three years since my son died. Or rather, I am in my third year of grieving. Since Adam died, I have had people ask me about my faith in God. Some who do not believe in God or Jesus wonder how I can... Read more
I can't get a show I watched last night out of my head. I was angry when I first watched it, but as the day goes by I am becoming infuriated. The show is called Chicago Med. It is basically a knock-off of ER.... Read more
Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a workshop on sadness. I had no idea what to expect but decided I was ready to explore the emotion more thoroughly. During the discussion, words like loneliness,... Read more
I was listening to the radio when a song came on called Even If by Mercy Me. I know You're able and I know You can
Save through the fire with Your mighty hand
But even if You... Read more
I’ve been reflecting on some pretty deep issues the last little while. Things like the meaning of pain and how we react to pain and grieving. Two years after my son took his life, I am sick of grieving. I’m... Read more
People think I told all in my book. Guess what? I didn’t share everything. The other day I realized I hadn’t talked about the greatest gift my husband gave me through all this. Early on, he asked me how I... Read more
I was so pleased to open up my Facebook messenger and see that Adam's friend had a baby. His friend shared a picture of his new bundle and also his name. It took me a moment to realize that his middle name is... Read more
As it gets closer and closer to the second anniversary of Adam's death, I've been doing a lot of reflecting on time and how the grieving process works. Although I am not as raw on a day to day basis as I was... Read more
Planning for the book launch of Bearing Witness is so surreal. On one hand it is exciting because, well, hey.... an event! But then I stop for a moment to think of why I wrote this book and it brings me back... Read more