Planning for the book launch of Bearing Witness is so surreal. On one hand it is exciting because, well, hey.... an event! But then I stop for a moment to think of why I wrote this book and it brings me back down to earth.

In many ways it was a book that wrote itself. I never sat down and said I was going to write a book about my son Adam's suicide. I had no idea when I typed in those first words just what I had started. I just knew that I was in an incredible amount of anguish. In the past, I have written to express myself and so I turned to Facebook and announced that my son had died by his own hand. My book began. Online. For everyone to read.

Sometimes I wonder what Adam would think of this book. It is all about him, which he would hate. The intention though is for it to help someone, which he would like. Before Adam died, only a few of my very close friends knew the struggle the family was going through because I felt it wasn't my story to tell. The stories of his struggles were his and I didn't want to embarrass him or strip him of his dignity. With his death, it seems as though in some odd way he has passed his story along to me. I hope he is proud.