Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a workshop on sadness. I had no idea what to expect but decided I was ready to explore the emotion more thoroughly.

During the discussion, words like loneliness, disconnection and abandoned kept coming up amongst the women (nope, no men showed up). As I thought about how my body feels sadness (heaviness in the chest, constriction of the throat) mentally (unable to engage, lack of desire for stimulation) spiritually (feelings of being left alone, abandoned) I realized that the energy of sadness is static. Non-moving. It feels like one is stuck in place.

While being stuck in one place might not seem desirable, and I know it sure isn't fun, it also comes with a deepening. Because you are not moving, you sink deeper into your emotions, thoughts and feelings. You have time to explore and think through how you react to things, how others react and the very essence of being human.

That isn't all bad, is it?