People think I told all in my book.

Guess what? I didn’t share everything.

The other day I realized I hadn’t talked about the greatest gift my husband gave me through all this. Early on, he asked me how I wanted him to handle my grief. He didn’t know what to say and he asked me outright what he should do. So I told him.

Hold me when I cry, let me be sad and don’t become upset. Don’t be frustrated because you can’t solve this for me. Please be patient.

Guess what? he did. And he continues to do just that. It is not uncommon for him to come home from work, walk through the door, start chatting with me and suddenly my face crumbles and I start to cry. He rarely says anything, just walks over to me, holds me and rubs my back. Sometimes he will ask “a sad day?”

It is one of the greatest gifts one human being could give another. Except maybe a kidney.